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The 4 Major Challenges of B2B Marketing

There are many different types of B2B companies: there are some that offer products, others that offer service, there are ones with short sales cycle, and there are others with long sales cycle etc .; however they all have something in common: it is basically some of the challenges they

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Buy Online Shoppers in USA Database

The only thing you can’t download is a burger. Other than that, every other product or service has moved online. The E-commerce market cashed in at over $860 billion in 2020 and it is expected to grow to $1 trillion at the end of 2021. The growing number of sales

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Buy US Transportation Industry Database

Transportation and logistics are crucial for economic growth and development in any country. In the US, we have a well-organised system of transportation services that cater to businesses, industries and common people.The logistics sector has seen a spurt in the last decade owing to tech giants like Amazon and Uber.

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Get Manufacturing Industry Database to Promote Your Business

The manufacturing sector in the US is the most advanced in the world. We have automated every process in our various industries, right from hairpin manufacturing to electric cars. This growth in technology was possible due to innovation, fair competition and most important interconnectivity between industries.Every industry is linked with

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Buy Database of Wholesale Businesses

The wholesale market in the US is as diversified as it can get. There are wholesale dealers in almost all products in the agriculture and manufacturing sector. Every state has a major wholesale dealer that has established itself among retailers over the past years. As consumers, we might not have

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Buy UK Business Data List

The United Kingdom is home to a large number of industries. The leader of the Industrial revolution has several industries that have reshaped and evolved themselves time and again. As of 2020, there are over 6 million small businesses that employ around 10 people, 8000 large businesses that have more

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Asia Pacific Business Database

The Businesses in the Asia-pacific region are varied, innovative and most importantly, new. Most countries in the region gained independence from the western countries only in the last century and this has an effect on the business scenario there. The traditional business houses are a few in number and the

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Canadian Industrial Database

The Canadian industrial scenario is very wide and diverse. There are thousands of companies concentrated in each sector and most of these companies have expanded their reach into the global market. Manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, mining, etc are some of the areas around which the businesses are concentrated.If you

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Consumer Services Database

The consumer services sector is the silently running but crucial part of modern society. Services such as laundry, cleaning and garment services, photography studios, beauty shops and salons, spa, funeral services, auto repair, parking and garage management, personal care etc. and a lot more. Incidentally, these services employ more than

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Get Non Profit Database in USA

As of October 2020, there are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. They range from advocacy organizations, charitable foundations, professional associations, trusts, social services groups, political organizations, churches, religious organizations, trade unions and labour groups. Together they make up some of the largest organisations in the country, even

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