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The United Kingdom is home to a large number of industries. The leader of the Industrial revolution has several industries that have reshaped and evolved themselves time and again. As of 2020, there are over 6 million small businesses that employ around 10 people, 8000 large businesses that have more than 250 employees in them.

The businesses vary between the three sectors, primary, manufacturing and service. The primary, namely agriculture, mining and fishing industry covers about 3% of the total businesses, while manufacturing covers 5%, the construction industry covers 18% of the businesses and the rest 74% is made up of service industries such as ICT, transportation, education, health, retail, professional and scientific work, etc.

If you are a growing venture that wants to penetrate the UK market with your innovative product or service, you will need to make headway into the already existing industrial framework there. Your product or service could be a game-changer in that market. However, you will need to develop the right set of contacts for your venture first.
This is where we can help you. From B2B Dataquest, we can provide you with contacts of over 570,000 personnel employed in the UK’s industrial sector. Our data sets include names, designations, phone numbers, e-mails, industry details and more.

When you buy the UK business database from us, you can make direct contact with key decision-makers in any or all the industries. Your marketing plans will gain new meaning with our data sets and you will wonder where we have been all along.

With over 15 years of experience in the data assimilation business, our teams at B2B Dataquest work tirelessly to collect, verify and update the data sets all year long. With our help, you will for sure expand your business multi-fold.


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