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Canadian Industrial Database

The Canadian industrial scenario is very wide and diverse. There are thousands of companies concentrated in each sector and most of these companies have expanded their reach into the global market. Manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, mining, etc are some of the areas around which the businesses are concentrated.
If you are a business that wants to develop a long-standing partnership with a Canadian company, you will need valuable contact information to get an audience for your contribution. You might have developed a revolutionary product or service that has the potential to appeal to the Canadian audience. But, penetrating the Canadian market would need some home-ground advantage. Hence, you might want to tie up with an already established company or business there.

For this, you will need to gain contact with the executives of the companies and businesses there. We can help you with that. From B2B Dataquest, we can provide with the most comprehensive Canadian Business database for your marketing plans.

With over 15 years of experience in the data assimilation business, our teams at B2B Dataquest are constantly working to collect, verify and update the data we provide our clients. We have records of over 1.6 Million executives working in the Canadian business sector. Our data sets contain details about the industry, profession, geography, interest, private/public companies, marketing budget, software used, number of employees, annual revenue, etc. along with their phone numbers and e-mails.

You can reach out to the executives from any levels between management, human resources, sales & marketing, customer support, information technology, operations, shipping & logistics, manufacturing, engineering, accounting & finance.

With our data sets, we strive to help our clients to reach out more and we would be more than willing to assist you. State your needs and let us work out the best plan for you.


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