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Asia Pacific Business Database

The Businesses in the Asia-pacific region are varied, innovative and most importantly, new. Most countries in the region gained independence from the western countries only in the last century and this has an effect on the business scenario there. The traditional business houses are a few in number and the growth of ICT has enabled new entrepreneurs to shape out unique businesses. Also, the population density in the region is much higher than it is in the US. This makes for a huge market for products and services that cater to their needs.

You might be starting a new and trendy business that could work well in the Asia-pacific region. Your ideas and products can be more helpful for the people there. So, it is obvious you will need to step foot in the region indirectly. Having a base here at home, you will need established businesses to partner with. This way you can be sure that your investments are looked over by experienced eyes of the region.

It is easy to gain contacts with the business houses there. You will need the right set of contacts for the decision-makers in the various industries there.

We can help you at this point. At B2B Dataquest we have data of over 1 million executives across various industries located across the Asia-Pacific region. Particularly in countries like India, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, Middle East, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia. These countries have diverse markets and industries making them very versatile in terms of investments.

With our Asia Pacific Businesses database sets, you can approach the top-level executives in the businesses and show them your work. Their need for collaboration with a western business could work in your favour too.
Our teams at B2B Dataquest can provide you with customised data containing names, designations, phone numbers, e-mail ID’s, company details and more. With our data, you will be sure to expand your business outreach into every corner of the world.


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