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The wholesale market in the US is as diversified as it can get. There are wholesale dealers in almost all products in the agriculture and manufacturing sector. Every state has a major wholesale dealer that has established itself among retailers over the past years. As consumers, we might not have heard of them, since they seldom approach the end of the line. But their presence is very much necessary, for they facilitate a smooth transition of goods from producers to us.

If you are a retail agency, you might want to know about the wholesale dealers around your area of operation. For it is necessary to take advantage of the competitive prices, the variety of brands they provide with, etc., for you to gain diversity in your business. Or if you are running your own company or a brand, you might want to approach the wholesale dealers around you to sell your products.

Finding the wholesale dealers and analysing which among them can provide you a fair and cost-effective service is a hard thing. This is where we can help you.

At B2B Dataquest, we have data sets having contact information of more than 250,000 personnel working directly and indirectly in the wholesale agencies. The data contains the name, designation, company details, phone numbers, e-mail ID’s, etc.

With our data sets, you can approach the decision-makers of the agencies directly and inquire about their services. We provide valuable information for you to make contact with high-ranking personnel such as chief operating officers, resource officers, sales officers, marketing officers, etc.

With over 15 years of experience in the data assimilation field, our teams at B2B Dataquest have compiled, verified and constantly updated the information from various industries. The list of businesses we have covered are apparel, automobile parts, liquor, chemicals, plastics, grocery, construction materials, wood and timber, metal, minerals, office equipment, petroleum products, sports, leather goods, electronics and jewels.
With your requirements in hand, we will provide you with customised and unique data sets for helping you further your business.


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