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Transportation and logistics are crucial for economic growth and development in any country. In the US, we have a well-organised system of transportation services that cater to businesses, industries and common people.
The logistics sector has seen a spurt in the last decade owing to tech giants like Amazon and Uber. Although several other companies have been involved in the transportation of goods and services from much earlier, like UPS, the recent years with online purchase and transactions have helped the industry push forward.

If you are a service provider that wants to associate with the transportation sector, or if you are running a business in line with the logistics sector, you would want to develop contacts with the already established companies in the market. This will help you gain more experience in the field and help you learn more about its evolution into the future.

From B2B Dataquest, we can provide your contact details and other information of over 150,000 personnel working in the transportation sector. The personnel include everyone from policymakers like administrative officers, executive officers, managers, engineers, etc.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of data assimilation, our teams at B2B Dataquest have collected, verified and updated the details of several industries across various sectors. In the transportation sector, we can provide you with details of businesses such as air couriers and cargo, airport terminal operation, harbour terminal operations, marine shipping, packers and movers, express delivery and couriers, warehouse & storage, road transport, taxi and limousine and more.

We provide customised data services to every one of our clients and your datasets are as unique as they can be since your needs are prioritised while preparing the data for you. With the quality data set we provide you, your marketing campaigns and strategies will gain more credibility every day.


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