Email is still the channel that delivers the highest ROI you can find in the digital world. Email Marketing is the most cost effective method chosen by millions of companies across the globe.

But it’s not as easy as it used to be. That’s why we request our clients to select the right Email service Provider (ESP) for successful campaigns. We have been mastering the techniques of B2B Email Marketing for the last 7 years, we use and follow several methods that not only helps you reaching the contacts mail box but also stay white listed.

We help our clients with their complete email marketing solutions for any –

  • Sales lead generation activities
  • Mailers with trade show invites
  • Conference registration invites
  • Webinar registration invites
  • Month end sales promotions
  • Regular follow up mailers

The servers and DNS we use are white listed and we provide more than 93% delivery rate from our servers. We have servers with capacity ranging from 25K email to 250K emails per day. We only email to B2B data.

Some of the best practices we follow for our success are as follows-

We always personalize email campaigns. Our mailing tool has capability to personalize contact name, company, address or any other information you may require.

We always scrub the data against our master DNE and spam trap file before start of the campaign. This ensures that all emails are delivered only to active recipient and not any spam traps.

We always verify the data before starting of the email campaign, this ensures minimal bounce rates from all campaigns.

Instant removal of – Unsubscribe requests. We do not take 24-48 hrs for removing unsubscribe request, our automated system removes the contact name instantly from the master file.

We always spam test the campaign before start of the campaign. This testing process will help us understand if the campaign is under any spam filter scanners installed on various email servers and the subscribers computer. We have special tools to understand the spam score of the email campaign content.

We always recommend simple text/simply html based campaigns than graphical campaigns, as we have stats showing simple text/html campaigns have much better delivery and response rate when compared to a graphical campaign.

We have various email campaign packages which you can choose from based on your requirement or budget:

We also provide personalised VPS mailing servers for as $200/month. You get to host a landing page and also 50 email addresses with a custom script which will be loaded into the server for sending personalised emails. This process has been the success for many companies who do not want bulk campaigns but want a slow feed of leads. For more details contact our sales team –

We welcome all purchased databases (B2B Only) for email campaigns.