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Effectively using e-mail for Lead Generation

This process of lead generation needs to be a multi-pronged requiring synchronization of messages, content and delivery across cross-channel. In this customer acquisition process, email plays an extremely important role. Important steps for lead generation email campaigns: Making a compelling order Critical to the success of lead generation is an offer that matters. Potential customers […]

Sales Conversions from Lead Generation

B2B Data Quest A B2B company generates leads in a number of ways: buying data from specialized 3rd-party provider(s), capturing data of respondents to advertisements (trade magazines, TV, website, phone etc.), customer referrals, lead generation efforts of sales-force, social media, exhibitions/shows etc. Irrespective of the source, the ultimate objective of lead generation is to lead […]

Optimizing Lead Generation in B2B marketing

Optimizing Lead Generation in B2B marketing Growth in B2B businesses relies primarily on lead generation. Current successful lead generation strategies need not necessarily succeed when penetrating existing markets/targeting new markets/launching a new product or variant. Broadly, the B2B lead generation process involves: identifying the market; identifying target customers in that market; researching/defining needs of customers; […]

The 4 Major Challenges of B2B Marketing

There are many different types of B2B companies: there are some that offer products, others that offer service, there are ones with short sales cycle, and there are others with long sales cycle etc .; however they all have something in common: it is basically some of the challenges they have to face every day […]