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CoVID 19 has pushed every business in every sector online. This situation is the same across the world and many business houses and other organisations have evolved their business through the internet. This situation is very ideal for you if you are planning on expanding your business alongside them.

You have a chance to reach out to the businesses from the comfort of your office and show them your product/service and gain a meaningful partnership with them. Whichever field you are working in, you can call upon the leading brands or companies in your locality and find out their needs. This way you can cater to them by optimising your business.

To make such a strategic move, you will need the contacts of important people. Collecting the names, phone numbers, emails, designations, etc. is a tedious task. With the dynamic evolution of industries and their working procedures, it is hard to keep track of any information you might collect and verify. This is where we can help you. 

At B2B Dataquest, we have specialised in collecting, verifying, and updating the contact details and other data of major decision-making executives across all the sectors and the businesses within them.

Our data sets are assimilated based on both broad and narrow categories. For the US, we have professional, consumer, and industrial data as the broad category and within each of them, we have data for every industry. In our professional database, we have human resources data, accounting personnel, academicians, engineers, doctors, and physicians, etc. In our consumer database, we have high net-worth individuals data sets, students database, online shoppers’ lists, etc. Our B2B USA database consists of details of personnel from agriculture, manufacturing, governments, non-profit organisations, and more.

Our B2B USA database contains industry-specific data sets. It will consist of details about managers, CEOs, COO’s, administrators, executive managers, and more personnel from the respective industries.