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Effectively using e-mail for Lead Generation

This process of lead generation needs to be a multi-pronged requiring synchronization of messages, content and delivery across cross-channel. In this customer acquisition process, email plays an extremely important role.

Important steps for lead generation email campaigns:
Making a compelling order Critical to the success of lead generation is an offer that matters. Potential customers must be offered something they want and provide personal information to obtain.Creating the ‘Magic e-mail’ The e-mail has to be completely customer-focused, i.e, convinces the recipient (potential customer) about monetary/resource/business benefits of accessing enclosed offer. There should be a strong call to action, and a ‘sense of urgency’.
The Landing Page The email should ‘seamlessly’ lead to a landing page, where the recipient gets more information, completes a form, and then, accesses/downloads content.
Once the recipient has completed the form, we now have your lead. What is the value of this lead? Where are they in the buying cycle? Can Sales take them over or do they need nurturing?
Relevant data collection In a recent survey, approximately three-quarters of marketers admitted that don’t collect any data from respondents other than an email address! Further, only 30% collected a phone number, and only half that proportion collected a mobile number. Email marketers need to collect relevant/useable data (customer behaviors/preferences/interests etc.) in order to market to them more effectively.
Post data collection Send an auto responder confirmation/thank you email with a unique offer and added value content (such as your latest blog posts, case studies, whitepaper, etc.). Also provide links to other relevant content, like a corporate blog, as well as links to your social channels.

The last critical (and often overlooked) step is to review the performance of the email campaign, and check what worked/what didn’t work. Then, necessary adjustments need to be made so that future communications are more effective.

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