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Get Non Profit Database in USA

As of October 2020, there are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. They range from advocacy organizations, charitable foundations, professional associations, trusts, social services groups, political organizations, churches, religious organizations, trade unions and labour groups. Together they make up some of the largest organisations in the country, even larger than business houses and […]

Consumer Services Database

The consumer services sector is the silently running but crucial part of modern society. Services such as laundry, cleaning and garment services, photography studios, beauty shops and salons, spa, funeral services, auto repair, parking and garage management, personal care etc. and a lot more. Incidentally, these services employ more than half of the people working […]

Canadian Industrial Database

The Canadian industrial scenario is very wide and diverse. There are thousands of companies concentrated in each sector and most of these companies have expanded their reach into the global market. Manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, mining, etc are some of the areas around which the businesses are concentrated. If you are a business that […]

Asia Pacific Business Database

The Businesses in the Asia-pacific region are varied, innovative and most importantly, new. Most countries in the region gained independence from the western countries only in the last century and this has an effect on the business scenario there. The traditional business houses are a few in number and the growth of ICT has enabled […]